Younger People in Residential Aged Care Brisbane

Generally, individuals below the age of 65 are not a suitable fit for residential aged care facilities, which are primarily designed to cater to the needs of older adults.

The unique and intricate situation of younger individuals in nursing homes intended for the elderly (referred to as YPIRAC) necessitates particular attention.

Addressing this issue mandates personalized assistance and continuous dialogues involving individuals, their families, and professionals spanning various fields such as disability, elderly care, health, and housing.

Establishing collaboration across all tiers of government is imperative to formulate effective remedies.

Younger People in Residential Aged Care Brisbane Support

Facilitating the discharge of younger people from aged care facilities is a crucial facet of healthcare management that demands an inclusive and multifaceted approach.

The Younger People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) program endeavors to transition young individuals away from aged care environments and towards their homes or more suitable care settings that cater to their specific age-related and distinctive requirements.

Outlined below is a general overview of this process:

1. For Non-NDIS Participants Residing in Residential Aged Care

Our team will collaborate with you to help you envision the potential of living in a different environment. We will explore any available alternatives for home and support care in your preferred location.

2. Exploring Options with Your Consent

With your agreement, our team can assist you in evaluating your eligibility for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), if applicable. The NDIS eligibility process can be intricate and perplexing; we simplify it and provide clear explanations.

3. Opting to Remain in Your Residential Aged Care Facility

If viable options for sustainable home and care support are secured, our team will guide you through the transition process. Should you choose to depart from your current residential aged care facility,

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