Enhancing Support: Assistive Technology Interventions for Children

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Promotes Informed Support Access

As part of the industries ongoing commitment to facilitating informed decision-making, the NDIA is pleased to release an evidence snapshot focusing on assistive technology interventions for children under the age of nine. This initiative aims to provide valuable insights and guidance for participants, families, and caregivers navigating support options.

Key Highlights:

Target Audience:

  • Children under 9 years old
  • Facing physical or intellectual disabilities or developmental delays
  • Pursuing goals related to communication, mobility, and participation


Our approach involved a comprehensive search of published literature databases to identify systematic reviews, meta-analyses, scoping reviews, or evidence-based guidelines. This meticulous process yielded 34 relevant reviews incorporated into the evidence snapshot.

Snapshot Focus Areas:

  1. Early Intervention Significance:
    • Explores the crucial role of early assistive technology interventions.
  2. Effectiveness Across Domains:
    • Communication and Language
    • Mobility
    • Home and Community
  3. Research Landscape:
    • Acknowledges existing research limitations
    • Identifies potential areas for future research

Access the Full Report:

For those seeking an in-depth understanding, the complete report is available for reading or download. Stay informed, make empowered decisions, and access the full report here.

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