6 Important Points for NDIS Plan Review

NDIS Plan Review

NDIS plan review is important for NDIS participants. The second essential meeting is called a plan review meeting. The initial meeting was the NDIS plan meeting (read our previous article). In plan review, participants are expected to go through this process at least once due to the fact that the NDIS revolves around goals and we know goals and needs can change. As a matter of fact, a lot can change in a person’s circumstances. Hence the need, for NDIS plan reviews.

6 Tips For NDIS Plan Review

Here are six essential tips that you can implement today to help you with your your NDIS Plan Review

1. Goals

The NDIS is based on goals and in your plan review, expect to be asked questions regarding your NDIS goals. As a result, it is better to write, the goals you have achieved or you are on target of achieving, as well as the goals you have not achieved yet.  During this process, it is important to be honest with your self, as some of your goals might have changed due to many different factors that influence your NDIS plan and daily routines.

Essentially you want to ask yourself what goals have changed? What are some new goals and why are these goals important to you?

2. Experience

It is important to communicate your experience with the NDIS so far. Talk about the positive, the negative. Which part of the plan did you appreciate the most: Core Support, support coordination, capacity building, and assistive technology?

Since the approval of your NDIS plan, how has your life changed? What is working well? Why is it important for you to continue some services and abandon some? Think about all the above points and remember to write everything, as it may be difficult to recall.

3. Changes

If your NDIS plan has worked well and you are working towards achieving your goals, then change may not necessarily be good for you.

As the old saying goes: “don’t fix, what is not broken”.

However, if you did not utilize your NDIS budget and you had issues, this is your chance to share your experiences. Talk about the supports you would like to change, think of the times you needed support and did not have access.

4. Documentation

Remember to bring the following documentation to your review and other essential documents

  • Documentation from service providers, about delivered supports and goal-related information
  • Notes about NDIS goals, changes, and experience

5. Support

You can take a representative you feel comfortable with, to accompany you. You can also invite your support coordinator to help you.

6. Take A Break

A plan review meeting can take a while. It is important to request a break if you feel tired. You can also use this opportunity to talk to your support person or support coordinator about your thoughts on the meeting. Write down potential questions you would like to ask or anything you might have missed that is important to you.

Need Help?

If you need help preparing for your NDIS Plan Review Meeting, feel free to reach out to Wisdom Care and will have one of our consultants assist you. Contact us for more information on 1300 284 200 or info@wisdomcare.com.au

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