NDIS Support For Aboriginals

NDIS Support for Aboriginals in Australia

Social and Emotional Wellbeing is a strong focus of our service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as this has been identified by Aboriginal people as important for healing. We facilitate healing and empowerment using a holistic approach that includes mob, kinship, and country for healing from grief and loss. We strengthen family relationships and enhance parenting roles to restore a strong sense of self and community.

We realise there are barriers in approaching services for help because of stigmas, differences in language and protocols. We understand the importance of confidentiality due to cultural views of mental health services and know that seeking help with mental health can be perceived to be a weakness or not trusted based on beliefs held from early colonisation.

NDIS Support Service For Aboriginals

Wisdom Care is dedicated to fostering social and emotional wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through a comprehensive service approach. Recognizing the importance of cultural sensitivity, confidentiality, and addressing barriers, we strive to empower individuals, strengthen family ties, and restore a strong sense of community.

Our service is progressive and centred in a modern society that celebrates difference. We focus on your values and beliefs when designing NDIS packages.  At Wisdom Care, we recognise that it is important to understand and show cultural respect and cultural competency by ensuring that we meet with Aboriginal members of the community to build strong relationships. We understand that we must stay well informed on protocols and hierarchal structures within Aboriginal cultures to be respectful and understanding.

Section 1: NDIS Support Service for Aboriginals

Our progressive NDIS support service is designed for modern society, celebrating diversity and individual values. We adopt a strengths-based approach to address a spectrum of concerns, tailoring solutions to empower individuals and enhance their confidence and connection to their community.

Section 2: Cultural Respect and Competency

At Wisdom Care, we prioritize cultural respect and competency. Regular engagement with Aboriginal community members ensures strong relationships, and our team stays informed on protocols and hierarchies within Aboriginal cultures. We acknowledge the significance of Indigenous health care workers in interpreting views and protocols accurately.

Section 3: Empathetic Listening and Narrative Approach

We value your voice, encouraging participants to make their own decisions. Our empathetic listening approach creates a safe space where stories can be shared comfortably. Adopting a narrative approach, we focus on external factors as contributors to issues, not viewing individuals as the problem.

Section 4: Advocacy and Professional Development

Wisdom Care remains committed to advocacy, promoting self-determinism, and client-centered approaches. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within the health care sector. While waiting for increased Indigenous representation, we connect clients to local Indigenous services and activities.

Section 5: Holistic Activities and Cultural Integration

Our services connect clients to holistic activities rooted in culture, spirituality, and land. Informed by Aboriginal health workers, we prioritize cultural antecedents and holistic models. These practices align with the nine guiding principles of the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health.

We also learn from Indigenous health workers how to interpret cultural antecedents, holistic models.

These include

The nine guiding principles of the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Well Being. This way our service meets the specific needs of Aboriginal communities and can establish platforms and protocols specific to the community.

Need Help?

Wisdom Care offers a holistic approach to NDIS support, advocating for the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. To learn more or access our services, contact us at 1300 284 200 or info@wisdomcare.com.au.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organizations are also invited to collaborate with us to support individuals with a strengths-based approach.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander seeking holistic NDIS support, call us today. Organizations interested in collaborative initiatives can email or call us for further discussion.

Contact us for more information on 1300 284 200 or info@wisdomcare.com.au

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