NDIS Support For Aborignials

Social and Emotional Wellbeing is a strong focus of our service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as this has been identified by Aboriginal people as important for healing. We facilitate healing and empowerment using a holistic approach that includes mob, kinship, and country for healing from grief and loss. We strengthen family relationships and enhance parenting roles to restore a strong sense of self and community.

We realise there are barriers in approaching services for help because of stigmas, differences in language and protocols. We understand the importance of confidentiality due to cultural views of mental health services and know that seeking help with mental health can be perceived to be a weakness or not trusted based on beliefs held from early colonisation.

NDIS Support Service For Aboriginals

Our service is progressive and centred in a modern society that celebrates difference. We focus on your values and beliefs when designing NDIS packages. We explain and assist in basic problems to more serious concerns from a strengths-based approach to help you overcome obstacles in your life that limit your ability to have a healthy and stress-free life. We are here to be guided by you by talking about what your interests are and your issues so that we can help to empower you so that you feel more confident and connected to the community where you are situated.

At Wisdom Care, we recognise that it is important to understand and show cultural respect and cultural competency by ensuring that we meet with Aboriginal members of the community to build strong relationships. We understand that we must stay well informed on protocols and hierarchal structures within Aboriginal cultures to be respectful and understanding.

We value your voice, not ours in determining your goals and where you would like to see yourself in the future. We encourage participants to make their own decisions on solutions to suit their needs. We realise the importance of adjusting vocabulary for different mobs in other states and territories that may require interpreters. We use age-appropriate language and circular speech that is not direct or intimidating. It is conversational for you to tell your story. We are here to listen so that we can understand significant events in your life and add value to your journey.

We will create an open and safe space for you to feel comfortable and welcome where you can have someone from your mob to support you and talk on your behalf if you prefer. We are empathic listeners who show understanding and value different perspectives as individuals and as a group. We know the difference between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and recognise protocols based on clan, tribe and location. We identify the importance of Indigenous health care workers to talk with mob, Elders and kin for accurate interpretations of views on problems.

We are continually keeping up to date with research on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care and attending professional development so that we can best serve the needs of our Indigenous clients. We know that it is important to keep all issues private to avoid bringing shame on the family and because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced much higher levels of racism, discrimination and disadvantage compared to non- Indigenous Australians.

We use a narrative approach to shift focus to problems being external not viewing the individual as the problem as many problems are a product of the society and the environment we live in. We advocate solution-focused and client-centred approaches as these respect the right of the client to make their own choices and encourages self-determinism. While Indigenous-led health care is best suited for Indigenous people there is a shortage of employees within the human services sector at present. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply for employment in mental health and physical disability services to assist their people to heal.

While we are waiting for more Indigenous employees to help out in the health care sector we can refer clients to local non for profit Indigenous services where activities such as yarning circles, storytelling, dance, art, sewing and song take place regularly.

We connect clients to activities that are holistic with an emphasis on land, culture and spirituality. We meet with Aboriginal health workers and leaders who have a strong connection to

  • Culture
  • Spirituality
  • Land
  • Family
  • Kinship
  • Community

to inform our practice.

We also learn from Indigenous health workers how to interpret cultural antecedents, holistic models.

These include

The nine guiding principles of the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Well Being. This way our service meets the specific needs of Aboriginal communities and can establish platforms and protocols specific to the community.

Need Help?

If you are an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and wanting an NDIS Provider that can deliver a holistic service and support your individual needs give us a call and will get one of our representatives to have a yarn with you.

Also, if you are an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander organisation and would like to work together with Wisdom Care to support individuals with a strengths-based approach please email us or give us a call.

Contact us for more information on 1300 284 200 or info@wisdomcare.com.au

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